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Website copy

The mobility platform of the future, version 2.0.

At Splyt, we focus on delivering technology solutions for the transportation and mobility industry. We set ground in 2015. A recent pivot led us to build the first mobility marketplace, connecting mobility stakeholders on a global level. Our partners range from ride-hailing companies to travel businesses and thus our website needed to be redone to allow our product to be clearly communicated.

After completing initial ideation and persona building activities, we reached out to Oana for clearly conveying our vision and products on our website. Due to her technical background and persona-driven approach, she was a natural fit. She worked closely with our design and development team. The result? A website with clear copy, that keeps the audience engaged.

Niklas Rehmert

Chief Revenue Officer

Did someone say ‘mobility marketplace’? Do they even go together?

When Oana first heard about the tech startup Splyt which dealt with mobility as a commodity, she was intrigued. In the beginning, because she had no idea what that means. A little research and she was committed.

In a nutshell, if any time in the future you will be able to travel from A to B by using just one app, lots of means of transport, and no effort whatsoever, chances are Splyt is behind it all. Their API platform connects demand and offer of transportation for their business partners, hold on to your hat, anywhere in the world. That is the plan. They are a young energetic startup and there are no doubts, they are getting places.

‘Getting there’ or ‘success’, as some call it, has many steps. One of them is a coherent presentation website, with a clear business offer.

Splyt 1.0 was a functional, yet a little difficult to follow, website. Already on the homepage, the visitor was burdened with complicated terminology. User journeys were confusing. Splyt 1.0 website wasn’t really user-centered. Therefore the web experience failed to properly inform the audience and keep them interested.

The challenge

For most B2B websites, the biggest challenge is not to sound too … corporate. You’d imagine it was the case of Splyt as well, right? Wrong! The biggest challenge in creating content for Splyt website was apprehending and accurately articulating the offer in an easy-to-read-and-remember way. Their business plan is not something one comes across every day, so pinpointing its exact key characteristics was crucial.

The solution

Although a commonly overlooked aspect, personas are crucial to a website as well, not just to a business plan. This is what sets apart professionals from the rest. The starting point in this project was the target audience for the website. It helped a great deal to know at whom it is directed and what is its final purpose.

Every milestone of the website content was discussed. Sometimes adjustments in terms of copy were needed, other times new UX/UI decisions were taken. At the end of the day, everybody’s concerns were heard out and discussed. In the end, the web content as you see today was a wonderful coherent team effort.

Hello? Yes, this is me, The Future. Can you pick me up from London?

There is no doubt in Oana’s mind she was a small part of mobility industry history.
As traveling restrictions in Europe (and parts of the world) become a thing of the past, people can roam free from country to country. The business world has to catch up with this trend and start offering seamless travel anywhere. In this global landscape, Splyt is riding the wave. And a very small part of this it’s a website …