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Spiritual Monkey Yoga

Supporting a boutique studio, where people gather to embrace and educate the monkey within.

A new approach to yoga.

15 years ago I picked up a book about yoga that was to be thrown away. How was I to know that will shape up my future? I started to practice yoga. Posture by posture I started to understand that there is more to it than physical exercise. Yoga is a way of life.

Following one month in an Indian ashram, I became an instructor. But it was not the diploma that motivated me to open a yoga studio; it was the simple realisation that there is so much more people could take away from yoga, not just physical exercise. If practiced correctly, yoga calms your mind, challenges your body and purifies your spirit.
Spiritual Monkey is a holistic approach to yoga. A boutique studio, where people come to embrace and teach the monkey within.

Violeta Ciubotaru

Yogi & business owner

Communicating a concept.

Spiritual Monkey stands for a new holistic approach to yoga: the communion of mind-body-spirit. Our task was to express this philosophy in a completely new visual identity and on a new website.

If it looks like a monkey and it walks like a monkey …

In most cases, the first contact people have with a brand is visual. For this reason, in order to stand out, brands need to come up with strong visual identities, stuff that makes them memorable.
In this respect, Spiritual Monkey Yoga was a no brainer. What could a yoga studio focused on educating the monkey within have as a logo but a monkey? We created a logo that

• is recognisable,
• is adaptable at any size, suited for digital and print,
• reflects brand’s values.

The visual bits of the website were designed around the logo — a cute monkey. We wanted to transfer the feeling of peace and unity that comes with practicing yoga.

Identity and functionality

The website was designed as a communication tool.
Beside delivering details about the courses, trainers and the schedule of the different courses, the experience was designed to also communicate the new visual identity.
The foundation of the website is scalable and important features like course booking and online payments are going to be rolled out in new releases later this year.

The challenge

Allow for online bookings of yoga courses? Sure!
While it’s easy to formulate this request, solving it means foreseeing all possible scenarios and creating automatic email templates to handle them: inquiry for a free spot in a course, answer yes/no, rebooking, cancellation. We designed the entire process having in mind both the customer, as well as the business owner comfort and time.

Website copy

We created the frame for Spiritual Monkey Yoga with a fresh off the boat visual identity and website. Following the yogiean concept of unity, we found an appropriate tone of voice and copy to go with the new digital presence. We settled on calm and inspiring, harmonious yet resonating words. Our long and productive discussions with Vio helped us understand and better communicate the wholeness of the Spiritual Monkey brand.