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PlayStation MOLT
UX/UI for a global initiative

How to fuse four platforms into one?
How to create a usable experience in a functionality driven environment?
One answer: Hard-work.

The  challenge

To be able to manage all the games produced worldwide for the Sony PlayStation platform you need a custom, solid system accessible from anywhere by Sony and its partners; a framework that can manage any game development project and it is also integrated with Sony PlayStation Store.
Tending to the needs of 10+ user types requires strong User Experience (UX) and consistent User Interface (UI). We delivered both for all work packages we were involved in.

Everything starts with an idea

The key to this project was understanding the features required by the pipeline. This environment nurtures a game idea and allows for its transformation into a worldwide phenomenon.
Our job was to help improve the user journeys from the moment a concept was registered into the system and assist the user throughout the stages of a game development process.
It wasn’t easy. Dozens of features needed to remain accessible. In addition to that, completing a task without aid in the system was a must.

The “wires”

Once the features in place, it was time for the wireframing.
Each user journey was nailed down around the functionalities and the wires were born. The main scenarios were tested and the feedback was captured in Change Request reports. We were on the right path, with room for improvement. Some iterations later, it was time for User Interface (UI) and coding.

Time to dress up

We aligned the wireframes with the UI Style Guide — a complex manual that takes care of every visual element on the platform. From color and typography to iconography, at this stage, each element was laid down on a responsive grid and submitted for development. Our job was done.

The name of the game

This project helped us grow in so many ways. We were part of a global act that impacts a billion dollar industry. The experience, the social connection with top professionals and the thrill of contributing to such a complex project were unique. What we took home at the end of the day is that there is no challenge a team effort cannot overcome.