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Round The World Experts
UX/UI that grabs attention

How can you improve an experience?
Talk to your customers, get out of the box and tell a good story.

Vitamin Sea.

“Hi, my name is Tom. My fiancee and I are very busy people and when we take holidays, we like to make the most of it. We want to escape the daily chaos to an exotic place, sunny beaches are a must. This year we thought Indonesia. Google brought us on On the website we can find decent flights, but nothing inspiring about accommodation, guides, or other details that make a trip exciting. We would have expected a bit more wow, something more inspiring.”

Challenge accepted!

Tom’s problems reflected a rough reality: Round The World Experts website was failing to capture and retain the attention of travel enthusiasts. Bounce rates were high, conversion was low. Without context, customers didn’t understand the value proposition, so they left the website unimpressed and frustrated.

Rolling up our sleeves …

The first thing we did when we stepped in was to research and pinpoint the key issues. The analysis of paid and organic traffic showed customers getting lost in the journey, before reaching the product. The reasons for drop off were complicated user journeys and the lack of context around the products.

More room for stories.

We created a new set of responsive templates in order to make room for stories about destinations. Content creators were thrilled.

New assets and patterns.

The new templates needed a brand new user interface (UI). We got to work and created the first batch of patterns and assets. Later, they were going to be adopted throughout the whole website.
Next phase? Testing!

Did we do it right?

The new components were tested using A/B and MVT methods. The most appreciated components and modules were included in the final templates and also got a place in the UI Library.

More templates, more UI assets.

Test results confirmed we were on the right track. We introduced new features, simplified journeys, and were motivated to reveal more content. The UI library got bigger and better: new buttons, more icons and a brand new navigation pattern.

Meet the customers.

Moment of truth. We found our possible customers in airport lounges around London. A cup of tea or coffee, some insightful questions and half an hour later we would get valuable feedback. The answers confirmed we were indeed going in the right direction. Additonal facts were uncovered, that we couldn’t have possibly found in any analytics reports or A/B test results.

It is not about money

Apparently, the travel industry has lost its allure. Economically driven and rationally expressed, most of the time the lowest price wins. Round the World Experts learned that lesson and is now looking for other ways to win the hearts of travel enthusiasts. Sometimes ignoring trends,  Round The World Experts recognizes the power of a story and will continue to create bespoke travel experiences.
The brand is set to evolve and adapt to the market and the new website transformed into a great tool for the owners.

ClientFlight Centre
RoleUX / UI Design