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Maersk Oil Website
UI/UX for the future

Make the most with limited resources. Migrating Maersk Oil website to a new content management system (CMS) was a race against time.

We all hate goodbyes.

It’s never easy to leave a comfortable experience. Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007 got to the end of its lifecycle, so Maersk Oil had to quickly adapt. This begged the opportunity to adopt a responsive experience and make room for fresh, new content.
The project was a fruitful collaboration with Zone, one of the top digital agencies in London.

The challenge.

Due to budget and time constraints, the owners did not want to fully redesign the experience. Instead, a pragmatic approach was used: where needed, elements, such as navigation, were redesigned to be responsive and remain within brand guidelines.
An added challenge was the integration with micro-sites and blogs.

Making room for content. has approximately 100 content pages, without the microsites and blogs. To add more content and refresh the existing one, we had to re-evaluate the information architecture, remap the experience, and triple check user journeys.

Wireframing and prototyping.

Once information architecture was settled, we got to wireframing and prototyping. On top of that came the new User Interface (UI). Then the new experience was ready to meet the owners.

Prepare for the future.

We like to plan ahead, especially in projects as big as this. For this reason we created a UI Toolkit: a library of responsive assets (components and modules) that will simplify future transformations of the experience.

All is well when it ends well.

This project was a race against time, we had to deliver with a tight deadline. So we did what we always do: we focused on what was required, pulled hard and delivered a foundation and a future-proof, scalable structure.
At the end of this collaboration we were reminded the valuea of a great team: the fact that it can function under pressure and tight deadlines without affecting the quality of the deliverables.

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