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Girl Effect
UX optimisation

An independent NGO reaches out to their supporters.

Help empower women through a meaningful web experience.

The only way out of poverty and abuse is education. Empowering women across Africa is not easy, so Girl Effect needs all the help it can get. This was a great project done for Zone, one of the digital supporters of Girl Effect. The aim was to update the website to reflect their main mission and describe their approach.

The main purpose of the web experience is to inform audiences about who Girl Effect is, what it stands for, what they do and, of course, inspire visitors to get involved and support this important project.

Our task was to improve the experience and surface the relevant content — make it easy for those who want to get involved to learn more and get in touch.

What’s actually important?

There is plenty of information surrounding the activity of GirlEffect. A lot of stories about the people who get involved and experience the transformation of young females across Africa. Everything is important but, to be able to disseminate and make a decision, the users need clarity — a robust structure built on a healthy information architecture.

Adapt the structure.

We mapped the “hot” areas — we adapted the existing navigation and the content filters, shortened the journeys and opened up the lanes for those who wanted to learn more and get involved.

Be inspired! 

We believe it’s vital to be able to inform and educate the young generations. Initiatives like Girl Effect have a positive impact on the transformation of cultures, improving the quality of life of millions. Those who want to learn more and support missions like this have gained better access to amazing stories and also an easy way to get involved in such endevors.
We are proud to have been part of such an initiative. A wonderful collaboration with Zone on a project that really changes peoples lives.