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Eco Cleaning Services
Branding and communication

We love to work for clients with clear, strong value propositions.

In 2006 I saw an opportunity and opened a dry cleaning in Arad, Western Romania. Aside from quality, I wanted to offer ecological services to my customers. The difference between washing and dry cleaning is the solvent: water for washing, and perc for dry cleaning. Perc creates toxic waste and can damage the environment and the personnel who manipulate it.

When I founded Eco Cleaning I choose to rely on efficient high-end equipment and materials to replace perc as much as possible in the cleaning process. Today, I am proud to say, we have completely disposed of perc. Of course, these details are not up front.
In the last 10 years, my business has conserably grown. Now there are three distinctive cleaning services Eco Cleaning can provide, all of them focused on quality and ecology. I realised I needed to communicate this better to my customers.
 Having already had the pleasure of working with Alin, I decided to stick with him and Brandise for this.


Ginel Moț

Business Owner

Branding the first ecological dry cleaner in the Western Romania.

In 2008, while at Creative Group, Alin created the first version of the visual identity and designed the interface for the first website for Eco Cleaning. Research had shown that in this sector, ecology wasn’t really a priority. Business owners, as well as customers, valued quality and price simply because there really wasn’t ecology to speak of. Far too few dry cleaners relied on something else either than perc. Eco Cleaning wasn’t just any other dry cleaning business.
It wasn’t a shot in the dark, but a response to the market disposition for new differentiators, as well as care for that one that feeds us — mother nature. While maintaining high-quality services, the focus was shifted to ecology, rather than cost. The owner understood the long-term benefits and, since then, he’s been heavily investing in technology to reduce the carbon footprint and increase productivity.

A growing business is always good news. Rebranding and new communication for our favorite ecological dry cleaner.

Autumn of 2016. It had been almost 10 years since Eco Cleaning first set shop in Arad — an ecological wet&dry cleaner that takes pride in its quality services and ecological differentiator. Good strategy and consistent branding have helped the business grow and develop. Now Eco Cleaning Services is an umbrella brand for three distinct entities that share the same common values: ecology and quality.
Wet&Dry — the original wet&dry cleaning business operating B2C and B2B;
Aseptics — a dedicated B2B service to address the exigent cleaning needs of textiles in hospitals and clinics;
Xtra — another B2B cleaning service for the equipment (containers and small parts) used by the automotive industry.
Based on the results of past collaboration, the owner contacted us with a new request. Rebranding and communication to include all three sister brands.

A healthy work relationship is a two-way street.

We like to build and cultivate a strong and healthy relationship with our clients. In this case, our client is a very receptive conversationalist, giving us full access to relevant details about business trajectory.
The better we understand the business with its strong and weak points, the better we can help communicate the value to its customers.

Know it like you own it.

We start every project by doing our homework — research. We looked into the competition, market and existing clients, assessed the value propositions, created personas and, together with the owner, explored various business scenarios to exploit the opportunities.

Communication strategy: web & social media.

Once we explored the grounds and understood the brand’s position on the market, we were able to re-establish the unique selling proposition (USP) and plan the communication around it.
A new web-experience that contained all Eco Cleaning’s sub-brands, was a must. Beside this, we planned the social media presence. What type of content, when and where would it appear — these are typical questions we tackled.
We concentrated on how to better deliver the value of the brand Eco Cleaning and articulated an appropriate tone of voice. Our aim was to make the idea of caring for the environment more tangible. And we succeeded at that by formulating simple, playful, useful messages on social media, that people can easily identify with. More than that, we maintained a consistent visual language on both the website and social media platforms.

Setting up a solid structure.

Designing the website to reflect the new strategy was a big chunk of the rebranding process.
Based on the market research, we settled on an information architecture simple enough to keep visitors interested and save their time. Something that will accomodate clear user journeys.
The result? A user friendly, scalable structure. The Eco Cleaning web-experience can easily support now the development of other sub-brands, promotions pages, events, etc.

Telling the tale.

We thought long and hard about what voice should Eco Cleaning get. A dry cleaning business well … it’s a pretty dry darn thing. People don’t feel attracted to it, don’t empathize. It’s just washing stuff, right? Well yeah, but …
People do care about the cleanness.
People care about the environment they live in.

We chose a tone of voice that was informative, friendly, non-formal (where situation allowed). This way, we brought the clients closer, stirred and kept their interest alive.

How? For example, on the website, we inspired trust by presenting the teams who deliver the services. For social media, we established editorial calendars to show reliability. The content posted was always chosen to help, inform, answer questions of possible customers and not just to brag.

The future is here.

In 2017, Eco Cleaning was the first dry cleaner in Western Romania to step into the future by completely relinquishing perc as the solvent in the cleaning process. Their commitment to ecology grows steadily and it extends to the other sub-brands, Xtra Cleaning and Aseptics. 2018 will be even a greener year, also because they are planning collaborations with ecological NGOs. We are proud to be part of this!
This project truly is an example of how many great things can be achieved when we have a solid relationship with our client.