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Templates for Argos
UX to increase Conversion

Wrapping the user experience around brand values.

Understand. Build. Deliver.

Black Friday and other sale events are madness for both consumers and retailers. Prices go down, website traffic goes up, pure adrenaline. The experience needs to live up to the expectations. There is no room for mistakes.
We are proud to have been part of a challenging and engaging endeavor at Argos. We worked toward understanding, building and delivering an experience that added to ROI and to the brand value.

Reduce. Reuse. Focus. is a living organism that grows and adapts; it is built on a solid framework from components and responsive modules; it is scalable and available 24/7 across all channels connecting millions of customers with thousands of products.

Our task? Improve the experience and the conversion on the event pages, take away distraction, make room for products and relevant content, make it both mobile and desktop friendly.

The result? Efficient and elegant templates for big sale events such as Black Friday and July Big Saaale.


Keep the best, improve the rest.

To improve an experience, you need feedback. Test results are the best source for this kind of information. Before creating a new component or module the existing library was skimmed for reusable and customer validated elements.

The quest for the holy pattern.

Templates serve many purposes. Repeatedly using a template creates a pattern. Its predictability comforts users. A good pattern leads a journey, helps you tell a story and highlights a purpose. A truly great pattern minimises the effort and pain required to complete any task.

What do you think?

All components, modules, and templates had to be validated by real customers. Through sessions in the testing lab, A/B and multivariant tests multiple scenarios were tested. The results shaped the first round of iterations.

The future of e-commerce is not an exclusive digital experience

Shaped by big players like Amazon and Apple, e-commerce is mutating toward a mix of great digital experiences and brick and mortar stores with products on shelves and smiley faces behind the counter. Argos has what it takes to compete on this market. The future looks bright. Already experimenting with VR and integrating AI algorithms, Argos is preparing to adapt the digital experience to the next generation technology. Same goes for the in-store experience.

We are more than happy with the results of our collaboration and, if required, we will be back at Argos. It really was an amazing work experience with great challenges and high rewards.