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Barclays Personal Loan
UX/UI to inspire trust

Support for personal projects.

Take time for yourself.

Designed for Barclays customers, the personal loan is yet another tool to help dreams become reality.

The challenge.

Applying for a loan online is a big deal.
To create an experience that offers reassurance beforehand and guidance along the journey means to take into account a lot of customer details. The technical process has its requirements too. From a UX perspective, it, therefore, becomes a real challenge to marry the business proposition with customer needs.

Starting a conversation.

The customers are frequently disappointed that an application process doesn’t offer much guidance. The tone is never really conversational. For important decisions like borrowing money, the customers need more than a set of input fields. They need context and explanations. We made room for both.

Internal testing.

As soon as the wireframes were in place, we had to internally validate them. Everyone involved had to check the journey. Before getting the real users in the lab to have a look at the new experience, marketing, business and legal teams tuned the content, so it complied with rules and regulations.

Iterate till you get it right.

Internal test results were validated in the testing lab. Users preferred a conversation rather than an interrogation. A few iterations and re-tests later, we hit the sweet spot. Happy days.

Good UX/UI helps when you want to inspire trust.

At the dawn of digital age, the introduction of online banking services is balancing convenience and trust. Most of the users prefer to go to the branch or talk over the phone to understand all the implications and the risk before applying online for a loan. Barclays is constantly pushing relevant content on their platform to create an ecosystem where trust on both sides can grow and reach the middle ground.
Our contribution is beyond creating forms that users can see on their display. User experience design is most of the time a process that involves many aspects of a business. It means working together, training and designing a great customer experience.