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Barclays Online AIP
Accessible user journeys

Help people become homeowners by making one the most boring user journeys accessible.

Make it sweet and painless.

Filling forms is always annoying, even when you are motivated by getting a loan. But sometimes motivation is not enough. Through the Online Agreement In Principle (AIP), Barclays married a great proposition to user-centred design methods to deliver an exciting user journey. This is where we stepped in.

The challenge.

Barclays’ customers needed to know if they qualify for a mortgage. To process this request,
Barclays needed their financial data. The outcome was an AIP.
Easier said than done. Providing all that information was a long and complicated process that well exceeded the usual attention span. As a result, users abandoned it. Nobody won: customers got frustrated, conversion plummeted. How could that be avoided?

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Making everything evolve around the user was the goal. But …
User-centered design is not possible without the aid of technology. A form-filling process like Barclays AIP process has in the backend a complex connection with various sub-systems and third parties. Data needed to be moved back and forth in real time. That was a challenge. All that, while keeping the customers interested …

But wait! What if …

Optimizing the flow allowed for a new, major feature — remodeling. The users were given the opportunity, while in the journey, to revisit parameters they introduced (amounts of money spent or required) without having to retake the journey anew.
We tested the remodelling feature. The results? Users loved it!

Optimise. Connect. Test.

Recap: opimized flow, new feature added. Time to connect with the appointment booking system and other systems present in the Barclays branches all across the UK.
The goal? At the time the customer will arrive in the branch, consultants will have most of the process completed.
Achievement? Reduce the waiting time and speed up the process of applying for a mortgage. Getting the customers closer to their desires.
All changes were tested with users.

Change is the only constant.

The first results revealed that some users need more time to understand the proposition, resume, compare with other offers and be able to postpone a decision. This valuable insight sent us back to work. We found a way to accommodate those needs, facilitate other ways to get more information regarding the offer and clear up the path for the quotation process.
This story never really ends. The customer’s needs and behavior are always changing based on personal, social or wider context. The business needs the flexibility to articulate differentiators. Ever changing technology has a big impact on the banking experience as well.
At the moment, when we stepped back from the project, Barclays was equipped with a new set of modules and components that allowed the business to adapt, compete, connect and grow with the market.

Barclays Online AIP