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Barclays Home Insurance
UX/UI project

Help people help themselves.
A correct proposition and a smooth acquisition experience.

Here are some statistics about domestic burglary.

Whether you live in a dorm, a rented space or your own house, in 2 out of 10 cases you will get robbed. Those chances get higher when you live in the city, if you are a single parent or if you live alone. What can you do about it? Insure yourself.

A twofold challenge.

In 2015 Barclays partnered up with one of the most important players on the market to deliver Barclays Home Insurance. The service needed a coherent articulation.

1. The insurance proposition was being restructured in order to capture the attention and cover the needs of a variety of customers.

2. The content was to be adapted to a new responsive User Interface (UI).

User journey — the right thing at the right time.

Insurance is a comfort item. To benefit from it, different types of customers need to be able to make the right choices to cover all their needs. At this point the focus was information architecture: deliver the right amount of information at the right time during the user journey.

It’s all about wireframing.

Once the experience was mapped, we took care of wireframingPrototyping the first version of the experience got everyone excited. We dressed it up in a responsive flat UI.
Next step? Off to meet the users.

The things you get from testing.

Real users got the chance to dismantle the proposition in the testing lab. It didn’t happen. We were on the right track. We also learned that users want to really understand the value, compare and be able to postpone a decision of acquiring an insurance.

Iterate, test, repeat.

Based on the feedback, we adapted to customers’ needs. We introduced new ways to get more information and cleared up the path for the quotation process.
At the end of the day, the business platform needs to be flexible enough to accommodate customer’s changing needs and behavior. The set of modules and components we designed enable Barclays to compete, connect and grow with the market.