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we are Brandise ™.

We do brand consulting and communication.
We research, shape words and pixels, and write code.
Check out our work and get in touch.

What we do


You have a cool business idea, have done some preliminary research, talked to your friends about it, it’s time to get serious. “What problem will my product/service solve?”, “Who will buy it?”, “Why will they buy it?”, “Who is my competition?”. These are just a few of the things you will have to find out before getting your business idea out there on the market. Don’t know where to start? Let us help. We do market research to narrow down the niche of your product/service and place a firm foothold in it.


You established your brand values, you know your place on the market and your target customers. But how are you planning to reach your future clients? This is where we come in.
In business, a communication strategy is a coherent narative that answers a communication problem involving your product/service. Sweetly put, we do communication strategy to help you find your customers and talk to them using their language.


We do both digital and print communication strategies, but we strongly believe the future is digital. Most of the things happen online.
Chances are, if you have a business, you will probably want a piece of the online, too. For that, your brand needs to grab attention and keep it. How can it achieve that? By engaging the audience with proper content. How can we help? By creating and promoting original content on relevant channels.

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