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We help your brand
tell a story.

Storytelling is the most effective way to convey emotions. At Brandise we believe that branding and storytelling should get married because they are a perfect fit. People identify with brands if they feel represented by them.

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We establish and grow brands. In old English, “brandise” stands for “trivet”, a metal three-legged stand on which vessels are placed over fire. On our homepage we mentioned our services: reserach, strategy and communication. Does it make sense now?

Branding is a two-way street. Once a brand is established, it needs nurturing in order to become successful. At this stage customers should be highly engaged through communication. In spite of the progress in the digital era, signals get mixed and messages get lost in translation. Now more than ever brands need coherent narratives to get a foothold  in the market.

We are a small, yet versatile team of branding enthusiasts who like challenges. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us. Together we can come up with an action plan tailored specifically to your brand’s needs and execute it accordingly.
Our services include, but don’t resume to:

  • various types of research
  • UX/UI design
  • copywriting
  • visual identity
  • web developing
  • multi platform branding strategy (web, app, print)

Brandise team

Beside Oana, Alin and Dan, depending on the project size or objectives, we collaborate with top professionals, who complement our work.

Oana Petrache

Managing partner & copywriter

Oana has the right brain of a copywriter and the left brain of an engineer. With an analytical approach that stems in a technical education, but a natural inclination for the written word, Oana is the go-to person if you look for putting your ideas into words, may it be in Romanian, English or German.

Alin Buda

Managing partner & senior UX/UI designer

A senior designer and a brand strategist, Alin is specialized in customer experience. With 15 years of experience in advertising, he approaches all projects holistically. He has worked for brands like BMW, Argos, SONY PlayStation, Barclays, Maersk Oil and Virgin – to name just a few.

Daniel Byrne

Senior full stack developer

Dan is a full stack web developer and our most valuable collaborator. He has worked with companies of all sizes in various industries, in Asia and Europe and is able to switch with ease between front and back-end development. Passionate about his work, Dan is the guy that writes poetry from lines of code.